Camp Argo



At Camp Argo we feel that a big reason why campers will return year after year is in part because of the amazing relationship between themselves and our amazing staff. 

Camp Argo is determined to hire the most incredible individuals that are committed to the physical, mental, emotional, and social development of each camper. 

The Camp Argo staff will know how to help your child feel welcomed and excited to play from the very beginning and will also encourage them to trust their abilities to grow and learn while having fun all summer!



Jason and Courtney Nevis are currently members of the American Camp Association (ACA).  Health and safety of our campers and staff is our #1 priority.  Our safety measures regarding health regulations along with emergency and safety procedures will mirror those required of the State of Connecticut, the Office of Early Education, and Camp Cedarcrest. The staff at Camp Argo is certified in American Red Cross CPR/AED and First Aid among other certifications required to be licensed within the State of Connecticut. 


The Nevis Family

Courtney and Jason Nevis

Maggie, John and Beau Nevis


Camp Argo is a non-profit organization and a family operated program.  Jason & Courtney Nevis feel that it is important to share this with you because they want you and your child to feel as if they are a part of a bigger family this summer. 

Jason & Courtney are committed to structuring Camp Argo to further expand the camp program and develop a variety of skills for our young campers to create honorable, experienced, well-rounded, caring and confident future members of the community and advocates of nature.  

You should feel comfortable knowing that your child will be cared for by those with strong family values.  The Nevis Family welcomes you and your loved ones to Camp Argo this summer!


Jason Nevis

Director of Camp Argo 


Coach Nevis is currently the 5th - 8th grade Physical Education teacher at Blackham Elementary School in Bridgeport, CT. 

Previously I was the Athletics & Facilities Director as well as the P.E. teacher at St. Raymond School in Menlo Park, CA.  This is where Camp Argo began! 

It is very important to me, personally, that I continue providing more wonderful experiences for kids within our community, their siblings, family, and friends during their summer off from school.

I am extremely excited to continually provide new & fresh summer camp experiences to the kids in the surrounding community. 

With over 14 years of combined experience teaching P.E., as an Athletic Director, coaching numerous sports, and supervising summer camps in the past, I have no doubt that your child will enjoy what Camp Argo will be providing this summer. 

Professional Experience:

14 years - Teaching PE, Health, and/or Drafting

12 years - Coaching Water Polo and/or Swimming

10 years - Aquatics Director

2 years - Dean of Students

4 years - Athletic Director

10 years - Camp Counselor/Director

7 years - High School & Club Water Polo Referee

7 years - Owning/Directing Club Water Polo Program

14 years - American Red Cross Independent Instructor

Certifications & Credentials:

California Single Subject Teaching Credential
Physical Education and Health
Connecticut Provisional Educator Certificate
Physical Education & Health

California Administrative Services Credential

American Red Cross CPR/AED, First Aid, Lifeguard, WSI, Babysitter, Wilderness, Blood borne Pathogens, Community Child Care Instructor

NFHSA Certified Coach

USA Water Polo Referee & Coach

ACA Member - American Camp Association

CPO - Certified Pool Operator



Courtney Nevis

Assistant Director
Scheduling of Talent & Events


Courtney Nevis is currently a devoted stay at home mother of three beautiful children; Maggie, John, and Beau.  Growing up Courtney played field hockey and lacrosse on Long Island, NY.  She continued her love of sports playing at The University of Connecticut, and graduated with BA in Fine Arts.

Prior to starting her family, Courtney worked as a Supervising Challenge & Games Producer for many popular Reality TV shows such as NBC's "The Apprentice" and CBS's "Big Brother". 

In order to support Camp Argo's belief that everyone can be a HERO, Courtney spends much of her time inviting local heroes, educators, community leaders, and charitable organizations to come speak about their positions in the community.  (Please visit our "NEWS" page for more info)

Mixed in with some wonderful entertainers such as The Bubble Lady and Jeremy the Juggler, Camp Argo's summer guests are sure to bring variety and, certainly, a smile to your child's face!




Denise Fantarella

Autism Inclusion Program - Lead Counselor


Denise is from Bridgeport, CT and has been in Orange for over 20 years where she absolutely LOVES being a part of the small town farm life.  Her children went through Peck Place Elementary.  She has also been a dedicated hockey mom for 32 years!  Orange is her home because she has been the President of the PTO, started a small farm, booths at the Orange Country Fair and Farmers Market, the 4-H program, and floats during the all the town fairs!

Currently Denise is working at Mary L Tracy within the Pre-K special education program as a Paraprofessional and Lead Therapist.   At MLT she has been working closely with her special needs students and values the progress her students have made becoming more independent and watching them grow up so fast! 

For a very long time Denise has dreamed of having a program in town for children with special needs where they can go and have fun while being safe during the summer.   She is so happy to be included and help Lead Camp Argo’s Autism Inclusion Program.  She is in 110% and wants our camper parents to feel secure and confident that the Autism Inclusion will be a great place for your child. 

At Camp Argo, Denise wants her campers to be ready to enjoy the outdoor adventures among friends.  She is thrilled to help lead a counseling staff that will help manage, support and care for all the campers!  


Susan DeFrank

Autism Inclusion Program - Lead Counselor




Sue grew up in Orange, CT going to Racebrook Elementary.  She is married with two children that are young working adults and she has a dog named Bradley!  She has worked within the Orange Public Schools for over 14 years as a Paraprofessional and Lead Therapist.  Sue continually works with children with special needs within the school system and during the summers at camps and other extracurricular activities. 

Currently Sue is working at Mary L Tracy School within the Pre-K Special Education classrooms.  She really enjoys engaging with the students during arts & crafts and other sensory activities.  Sue recently has been working closely with the PT and OT and speech pathologists learning new techniques and methods to help her students succeed in the classroom. 

Sue is excited about Camp Argo this summer because it will be a pleasure for her to get outside and explore to learn more about nature.  She wants all of the campers to socialize with their peers and experience new adventures and make new friends!  Sue is excited to be a part of the new Autism Inclusion Program at Camp Argo this summer!  


Lauren Lukasz

Autism Inclusion Program - Lead Counselor


Lauren grew up in Long Island, NY and attended Rocky Point Schools. While there she was a competitive cheerleader.  Lauren then moved to CT to study Education at Southern Connecticut State University.  She earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Collaborative Education with certification in Elementary Education (K-6) and Special Education (K-12). Along with that she obtained an additional BA in Spanish!   

Just recently Lauren graduated with a Masters in Special Education with a concentration in Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Currently Lauren works full-time as a Special Education teacher within Bridgeport Public Schools.  For the past 3 years she has been in a self-contained classroom for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

As a child, Lauren knew that she wanted to be a teacher of children with special needs.  She feels beyond lucky to have this type of teaching position and is excited to go to work daily.  

Lauren enjoys time spent with family and friends, working out at the gym, traveling and doing anything outdoors.  

Lauren is looking forward to bringing her passion & experience working with children, especially those with special needs, to Camp Argo and its traditional camp like setting.  Lauren wants our families with autistic children to know that your child will be cared for with patience, support and guidance, just like what she brings to her classroom everyday!   


Alex Kappel

Autism Inclusion Program - Lead Counselor


Alex grew up in Milford, CT. and went to Jonathan Law High School, then Western Connecticut State University for his undergrad and Southern Connecticut State University for his graduate degree.  His degree is in Special Education (K-12) as is finishing his Masters in SpEd with a concentration in Emotion Behavioral Distrubance.  

Currently Alex works at Blackham School in Bridgeport and has taught Special Education for over two years.  Specifically with the K-3rd grades and with students in a self-contained setting that have a variety of disbilities including Autism, ADHD, and Emotional Disturbance.  

Alex LOVES sports and had played Rugby collegiately and still plays within club leagues for the past 7 years. He also enjoys golf, playing basketball, and helping coach high school wrestling at Jonathan Law High School.

Alex is very patient patient and loves working with kids to help support the variety of needs they may have.  He is super excited to bring his talents playing sports & games to the Autism Inclusion Program at Camp Argo.  



Amy Perrelli

Lead Counselor


Amy grew up and went to school in Milford, CT.  She attended Notre Dame Catholic High School in Trumbull and played volleyball, softball, and track.  She was the senior captain for both volleyball and softball teams as well as an All Division SWC Athlete. 

Since Amy loves working with kids so much she chose to make it a career!  Recently, she completed her Masters Degree in Elementary Education at Sacred Heart University and is pursuing a full-time teaching position for next school year. 

Amy loves doing anything outside like fly fishing and camping.  Along with the sports she played in HS, Amy is a master with the bow & arrow! She competed all over the state in 3D archery shoots.  She is also a competitive skeet shooter in 12 gauge leagues. 

As a child, Amy attended rec camp in Milford and enjoyed making lots of new friends and going on field trips.  She also loved camp because the camp counselors always seemed to make the experiences memorable.  That long lasting memory of the camper/counselor relationship is what Amy wants to bring at Camp Argo this summer!  She is excited to make sure that camp is always fun, positive and a memorable experience for everyone!


Whitney Slade

Lead Counselor


Whitney grew up in Meridan, CT.  She obtained her associates degree in Horticulture from Naugatuck Valley Community College and was a Floral Design professional for over 10 years.  Then she obtained her BS in Art Education at Southern Connecticut State University. 

Currently, Whitney teaches PK-8th grade art at Blackham Elementary school in Bridgeport, CT. 

Whitney is excited about being a Lead Creative Arts Counselor.  She used to travel the country teaching art to different camp programs.  She keeps busy with bookmaking, crocheting, paper crafts, and floral design. 

When Whitney travels in the US, she looks for road races to run in!  She thinks this an amazing way to experience the sites and landmarks of the towns, cities and countries she's visiting; which include CT, Rhone Island, Florida and New Mexico!  One of her greatest achievements is having competed & finished the Disney Marathon in 2015. 

This summer, Whitney is looking forward to integrating her plant science background so that the campers can investigate and experiment the world around them in new and different ways!  

Whitney can't wait to meet the campers and hopes she can make this summer a special one for them!


Rachel Jewell

Lead Counselor


Rachel grew up in Menlo Park, CA and graduated from George Washington University in Washington DC, majoring in psychology with a focus in child development.  She is also interning as an elementary school in a third grade classrooms gaining hours for her teaching credential.  Rachel plans to pursue her MA and CA Credential in Education.

Rachel LOVES to dance, sing, act, bike, take photos, yoga, and make video's among many other things.  Recently, she has had the opportunities to help co-direct children's plays and dance numbers which she hopes to bring to Camp Argo this summer. 

As a child, Rachel attended many summer camps.  She has great memories of admiring the counselors who helped her try new things.  She also enjoyed the freedom to have fun with her friends while participating in fun activities and projects.

Last summer at Camp Argo Rachel enjoyed introducing new, fun activities to the campers.  Her fondest memory was creating and directing the Lip Dubs and plays over the last three summers.  Having put in so much time and effort into it and realizing how thrilled the campers were because of what she brought to fruition really was a great accomplishment for her. 

Rachel will be ready to share her love of dance, music and acting with the campers through choreographed plays and routines.  She can't wait to have another unforgettable experience at Camp Argo this summer!




Typically our counselors supervise between 1-12 campers > ages 6 yrs. OR 1-8 < ages 6 yrs..  One or two C.I.T.'s may be able to assist each day depending on the their availability & age of the younger campers. 

The groups will typically remain together under the leadership of the same counselor which allows him/her to learn and address the strengths and weaknesses of each child and helps build strong social bonds that can make camp extremely memorable for the campers.



























































Thank you to our past staff members for
your dedication to Camp Argo in summers past!















Jacqueline Gonzalez
Lead Counselor



Brianna Carcione
Lead Counselor

Travis Lamb
Challenger Counselor



Marissa Cassar
Lead Counselor

Lorenzo Sison
Challenger Counselor



Kelly Lim
Explorer & Discoverer Counselor

Kaidi Miller
Discoverer Counselor


Brandon Lanesey
Challenger Counselor

Caitlin Carcione
Explorer and Discoverer Counselor



James Sullivan
Challenger Counselor

Rigo Ruiz
Challenger Counselor



Fiona Quilter
Discoverer Counselor

Ronan MacRunnels
Explorer, Challenger and Discoverer Counselor


Thaddeus Sison
Challenger Counselor


Henry Hiemstra
Challenger & Discoverer Counselor


Rebecca Latham
Explorer and Discoverer Counselor

Andrew Robinson
Challenger Counselor


Shelby Malcolm
Explorer and Discoverer Counselor

John Mulliken
Challenger Counselor


Jordie Sakowski 
Explorer Counselor

Silas Stewart
Challenger Counselor



Sophie Lamb
Explorer Counselor

Michael Kaufman
Challenger Counselor


Allegra Spano
Explorer Counselor

Ivan Geraghty
Challenger Counselor


Lilly Johnson
Explorer Counselor