Camp Argo


Our Different Camp Groups

Our campers, together, will learn how to make confident choices during their daily activities, develop strong bonds with their counselors and build new long lasting friendships with other campers.  We encourage our campers to communicate with new friends and express their emotions through play and in art creation, which in turn can provide a huge confidence boost when our campers return home or are back in school.  





(4-5 years) 

Age Appropriate Creative Arts, Sports & Collaborative Games

(5-12 years)

Creative Arts & Collaborative Games

(5-12 years)

Sports & Collaborative Games

(14-16 years)

Counselor in Training


*  Our Inclusion Program, which will be serving the needs of campers on the Autism Spectrum, is new this summer.  To ensure that we can provide a safe environment with adequate resources for your child, please contact the Camp Argo office for more details.   


Camp Argo Groups


Many Argonauts joined in the journey on the ship called the Argo and several HEROES stood out for their individual talents.  Likewise, our campers will be divided into groups based on these namesakes:


Known for ultimate devotion to eachother

Symbol - Holding hands

Color - Green


Known for impressive navigational skills

Symbol - Compass

Color - Yellow


Known for creative gift of song and music

Symbol - Lyre

Color - Blue


Known for speed

Symbol - Foot running over water

Color - Orange


Known for incredible strength and courage

Symbol - Strong Arm

Color - Purple


Known for keen vision

Symbol - The Eye

Color - Red