Camp Argo



For our older campers ages 14-16 years old, you will automatically be enrolled in our Counselor In Training (C.I.T.) program.


As a C.I.T., you are considered a paying camper and will train alongside fellow C.I.T.'s & counselors, interact with campers, participate in activities that will help build your communication skills and provide you with beneficial social experiences.





The focus of our C.I.T. program is to serve as an entryway into becoming a paid, camp staff member.

Our goal is to help you develop responsibilities and to learn strategies & techniques that will improve your leadership skills that can be used throughout life. 

Within our C.I.T. program, an assigned mentor instructor (counselor and/or Director) will assist you in the development and progress of becoming a camp counselor through logistics, teaching techniques, management strategies, and emergency procedures. 







When you are 17 years old, you may choose to apply for a paid, part-time counselor position with a valid workers permit for the following summer.

C.I.T. experience does not necessarily guarantee a job at Camp Argo, however, your application will have priority.