Camp Argo






Our Program

Our campers, together, will learn how to make confident choices during their daily activities, develop strong bonds with their counselors and build new long lasting friendships with other campers.  We encourage our campers to communicate with new friends and express their emotions through play and in art creation, which in turn can provide a huge confidence boost when our campers return home or are back in school.  

With our limited enrollment, we are able to maintain close personal contact with families from the meet & greet, admissions process and throughout the summer. We encourage the campers to develop meaningful bonds with their counselors and fellow campers.  We are aware that self-confidence can grow, therefore, we support all appropriate methods of encouragement, even something as simple as a "high-five".   We expect that our amazing staff promote confidence by focusing on our campers' strengths and interests.  We are hopeful that our campers build on those relationships by returning year after year, strengthening our community as they continue to grow.

Camp Argo has a non-bully zone and our continued focus will be for all campers to demonstrate behaviors that HERO's exhibit daily, such as compassion and acceptance.  


A Brief Overview


Our counselors get very creative with the daily schedule by collaborating and coming up with hybrid games to keep things new and fun!  Campers break into their activities after morning announcements & songs which is the best time to rekindle with their counselors and friends.  

Activities range from archery, creative art projects, fishing, hiking, Go-Karts, group songs, cooperative games, and much more.  So many activities to list, but all things at Camp Argo focus on having fun and allowing campers to try something new as well.  

Campers are encouraged to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water by bringing a water bottle that they can re-fill throughout the day.  Snack & lunchtime is an important time at Camp Argo so that everyone is able to keep running around having fun all day.  We encourage our camp families to provide their child with a healthy lunch & snacks in their backpacks everyday.  The camp staff will make sure if it refrigerated until lunch time. 

Our All Camp Games are a special part of Camp Argo because it allows the campers and counselors to come together for a larger group game.  Long lasting memories are made during this time because campers are able to interact with counselors and fellow campers they may not normally hang out with.  Bringing all the campers together to play games create a community at Camp Argo where all campers are included! 

We conclude the day by gathering together as a camp to sing interactive traditional camp songs.  We also recognize those campers that have demonstrated superb HERO type behaviors throughout the day with the ARGO letters.  The campers love to be recognized in front of their peers for their heroic efforts.  Sometimes we end the day with a special treat or game to get the campers ready for their next day of fun at Camp Argo.   There are always new recipients of the ARGO letters which encourages our campers to be a HERO everyday!


Extended Camp Option
Morning 7:30am-9:00am OR 4:00pm-5:30pm

At Camp Argo we completely understand that our parents have multiple responsibilities throughout the day and could really benefit from having their child dropped off early or picked up later in the day. The Extended Camp simple flat rate is $10 per family/day/time (includes all siblings) which you can sign up for at almost anytime.  Please email/call the office if you would like to add this service at anytime before or during the summer and you will be billed accordingly. 


E.S.Y. (Extended School Year) Option

Camp Argo is one of a kind, in terms of accommodating those who will be receiving summer services from their school districts. Campers enrolled in their respected Extended School Year (ESY) program, will be able to join us from 12pm - 4pm beginning at lunch time, and continue to enjoy a wonderful afternoon filled with a variety of activities.  


Autism Inclusion Program

There will be numerous summer camp programs to choose from, but for families with children on the autism spectrum, sometimes options are limited.  It is even more challenging to find a program that fits the needs of families who have neurotypical children and children on the spectrum.  This is why, at Camp Argo, we strive to accommodate every camper with different learning and social abilities.  Camp Argo is a place where siblings can come together to enjoy the benefits of a summer camp experience.  

Camp Argo's Autism Inclusion Program is prepared to provide your child with a safe, supportive and nurturing learning environment in a traditional camp setting.  Camp Argo is confident that the low counselor/camper ratio (1:3, 1:2 and in some cases 1:1), visual schedules, flexible programming, and special activities that support individual skills (for example: archery, fishing, low ropes course, canoeing, nature walks, music and yoga) will help your child have a fun-filled week and finish their summer with memories & friendships to last a lifetime!

Camp Argo understands that some children with autism can struggle in large social groups, become anxious when asked to participate in group games, and can sometimes have a difficult time when their sensory needs are getting in the way. The camp staff will all have gone through staff training and will be able to address the unique needs of the campers by redirecting their energy into a preferred/predetermined and still engaging camp activity.

Camp Argo is here to support your children and guide them along the way, so that all campers leave feeling motivated and proud of the challenges they overcame that day.  At Camp Argo, we are continually designing, customizing, and updating our program so that your child will flourish. Camp Argo  focuses on developing social skills, promoting positive relationships and strengthening self-esteem.  Camp Argo's hope is to provide your child with their own tool kit by highlighting their strengths to help them to conquer previously challenging activities and social scenarios.


What to Expect 

Safety for your child is our top priority this summer.  We understand that our counselor to camper ratio is an important concern for our parents.  We will provide the most personal ratio possible based on the needs of your child (1:3, 1:2 or 1:1 if necessary).  This is another reason why it is crucial for us to personally meet before the session begins and understand what we can do to make your child succeed.

A typical day will have numerous breaks between activities and rest/quiet times.  Our professional staff realizes the benefits of both physical and occupational therapy methods, and are prepared to incorporate these in a "campy", fun way within the daily camp schedule.   

Please reach out to the Camp Argo office immediately so that we can schedule a private meeting to better understand the needs of your child.  Your input and support will help Camp Argo provide the most engaging camp environment for your child to thrive!