Camp Argo




Camp Songs & Creating Traditions

Camp Argo prides itself on creating new traditions each and every summer for our campers.  One genuine way we accomplish this is by having counselor led camp songs randomly throughout the day.  We want our campers to go home sharing what they learned at Camp Argo and coming back the next year begging their counselor to sing their favorite song with them!





At Camp Argo our Explorer and Challenger campers take part in the sport of archery at least once a week.  Our counselors are trained to provide the safety required and the demonstrate the discipline necessary for our campers to experience this amazing skill. 

The ultimate goal for our campers is to enjoy archery and improve their self-confidence.  We do this by teaching our campers to focus, minimize distractions, relax any nerves, and develop confidence in their skills the more often they practice!


A thrilling attraction of Camp Argo are the go-karts which our campers ride at least once a week.  We require that every rider wears their own bike helmet (no sharing) and our counselors do a wonderful job of a tutorial involving the go/stop process.  We also set up a different driving course each time so our campers can develop basic steering, accelerating, and braking skills. 






Hippity Hops/ Giant Red Ball

A fun new addition to Camp Argo is hippity hops and the giant red balls.  Campers love hopping all around the grass while playing relay races and tag during an all camp game.  The giant red balls are used for teamwork to help campers ride the ball and also during relay races so see how fast the giant red ball can get around the field.  Sometimes making equipment giant size is all you need to make a simple game awesome! 




Special Guest Entertainers and HEROES

Camp Argo recognizes that our campers look forward to each week when different people or programs visit to show off their talents.  Typically, our creative art projects or the themes to our all-camp games prepare us for the message our special guests try to send. 

Throughout our community there are so many HEROES.  Each summer Camp Argo invites some of our local HEROES to visit and demonstrate the hero type of behavior they exhibit each and everyday.

Visit this page on our website so you can stay up-to-date on the camp calendar and know which sessions we will be visited by our special guests and local heroes!