Camp Argo







At Camp Argo every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons the counselors share their hobbies with the campers.  Each camper gets to choose which hobby they want to try, this allows campers to try something new and to interact and earn from a new counselor.  

Theme Dress Up Days
Every Thursday has a different Dress up theme that ties in with our activities and special guests that week!  
Last summer the themes were
  • Super Heroes
  • Circus Characters
  • Sports Teams
  • Red, White and Blue (4th of July)
  • Crazy Hair
  • Twinning
  • Local Heroes &
  • Color Wars Teams. 


Performing Arts Show

Each summer the campers take part in a musical where they learn dances and songs to be performed on Friday.  We have the musical once a summer and its always a special session when we all come together to perform an exciting show! Last summer the campers dressed up as surfers and bikers to portray the story of Teen Beach Movie! 


Campers Talent Show

Once a summer the campers get an opportunity to show off their unique talents! Each camper gets to form groups or perform on their own.  After practicing during the week each camper gets to show everyone their special talents!




Water Slide

Each summer we bring in a HUGE water slide that easily adds an extra attraction to our already fun water days.  This summer we are looking into having this event more often because it is always enjoyed so much by our campers.


All Camp LipDubs

Each summer as a camp our counselors and campers come together to produce an All Camp LipDub.  A lot of time, sweat, smiles, costumes, and craziness goes into creating a video compilation of everyone lip syncing to their favorite songs while running, dancing or performing as the camera rolls!  

By clicking on this link you can watch the fun unfold for yourself.  Don't forget to "like" our Camp Argo videos!