Camp Argo



Within the daily schedule, there is 15 minute snack break and a 30 minute lunch period.  Random breaks are taken during the transition of activities to rehydrate.     

Camp Argo requires that your child bring an extra water bottle and snacks to keep them nourished and hydrated during the daily activities. 

There are plenty of water fountains throughout the campus for your child to refill their water bottle often.  We often have large coolers full of ice water or powdered Gatorade.

You know your child's appetite best and if you feel that the small snacks you provide periodically throughout the day is not sufficient, we highly recommend that your child brings more of their favorite treat to keep them happy. 

We require that our families provide a healthy and nutritious lunch for their child including two adequate snacks everyday to camp.  Per state health regulations your child's lunch will be refrigerated. 


Please make sure that your child's lunch does not need reheating or any other type of preparation.  

Camp Argo is NOT a nut free environment.  Please notify the camp office immediately of any food sensitivity and food allergy your camper may have.